New Report: Soon, Blue Light Glasses Will be Everywhere

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A 160-page report by independent research body Market Research Intellect (MRI) does a deep dive into the rapid growth of the Blue Light Blocking Glasses market, and also makes several bold predictions for the future of the market.

The Report’s Biggest News

According to the analysis from MRI, the blue light filtering glasses market is expected to continue the trend of the last two years and expand rapidly, at least through 2027. As newer technologies are evolving and the competition intensifies, an “arms race” of manufacturers, so to speak, is expected.

For those who aren’t in the know, blue light filtering glasses- or blue light glasses for short- are glasses that relieve eye strain from prolonged use of screens- whether the screen be a smart phone, tv screen, or computer monitor. Overall, they may help prevent several health conditions that arise from screen use.

The report also provides a “big picture” view of the market by examining and dividing glasses models by type (gaming, work, media, and other uses), style, and country of origin. It also names today’s “key players” in the market based upon revenue and customer information, which include some familiar big-box names, such as LensCrafters, as well as a bevy of newer upstarts that may be unfamiliar to some readers.

Overall, this report is a good read for anyone exploring the worldwide movement behind blue light glasses. To check out the report for yourself, click here.

Cover photo by Burak K from Pexels