Blue Light Used by Scientists to Eliminate Dangerous Bacteria

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For anyone who is familiar with the negative health effects that may be associated with blue light, it may be surprising to find out that blue light has health benefits. For example, in the video below, scientists explain how blue light may be used to help eliminate dangerous “superbug” bacteria.

A New Way to Fight Super Bugs

“Superbugs” are diseases, bacteria, fungi and even parasitic insects (i.e. the “super lice” that have made the news in recent years) that have developed a resistance to typical treatment options. Thanks to “superbugs”, reading today’s health news can sometimes feel like a repeat of 100 years ago- seemingly common ailments are now unstoppable, and often there are major discoveries of new treatments of the “super” versions of diseases from several generations past.

In the video below, scientists are using blue lights to weaken MSRA, which is, in layman’s terms, a “super” version of the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, which is most famously the bacteria that causes staph infections. This is a great example of how commonplace things may end up having a major influence on the world around us in the future.

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