The OTHER Must-Have Quarantine Accessory

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Not Masks, But Blue Light Glasses.

Masks aren’t the only must-have safety accessory for everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 phenomenon has changed everyone’s lives this year, but that goes especially for the employees and students who have been forced to leave their offices and schools and move their daytime life into the home. While this once seemed like a dream scenario for many, it has become a nightmare for people’s eyes and sleep schedules, as increased screen time has destroyed some people’s circadian rhythms, and has literally created headaches for others. This is the side effect of coronavirus that no one is talking about- the adverse health effects of staring at screens even more than we already were.

Does Screen Time Create Health Problems?

Today’s LCD screens are way easier to look at than the large, boxy, flickering CRT TVs (remember those?) from yesteryear. However, they do have one thing in common with those older screens: blue light. Long story short, the blue light from our screens can create excess strain our eyes don’t need, and at night can also fool our brains to believe that it’s still daytime. This can create serious issues with eye health over time, and for those who like to work late, this can create obvious issues with sleep, which can lead to more serious health problems in the future, such as obesity and heart problems. That’s not to mention the worst side effect (in my opinion, anyway😏): the permanent wrinkles that appear from bad sleeping habits. 

Blue Light Filter Glasses: The Protection Everyone Isn’t Talking About

Most people have added daily use of masks and hand sanitizer to their routine. However, there is one safety product that many of those people haven’t added yet: blue light blocking glasses. These glasses are designed to help avoid the problems that come with extended screen exposure, and work best when combined with good monitor and eye safety habits.

Stylish Blue Light Glasses

One problem with blue light glasses is this: many of them look terrible. While the nerd look came, left, came again, and left again (and is still a thing to some, no judgement here), many of the companies that produce these glasses don’t seem to realize that look isn’t for everyone. Our glasses combine classically chic Italian styling with lightweight construction and a modern design twist, suit anyone’s face and are perfect for looking and feeling good- even when you’re the only person in your office. Your home office, that is.

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